Revealed! How to never clean your house again!

Aug 30, 2017 By Jefferson Housekeeping 0 Comments
Every year around this time we are flooded with calls from customers who are interested in setting up ongoing cleaning services. 

Summer is ending and many families want to establish a routine for the school year, professional households are finished with summer travel, and college students or professors are settling in for another exciting academic year!

Last week I was having lunch with a friend and I told them about this phenomenon, and they said "Yeah, regular services and never cleaning again sounds great, but what does that process look like?" 

This is a question we are asked quite often so I thought I would share my answer with you. The good news is that there are 4 easy steps and only takes about 10 minutes!

1) We always start by gathering information about you, our new customer, so that we can create a cleaning routine that meets your needs. This means that we will ask you about your priorities and create a cleaning checklist that matches your needs. 

If you would like to see our cleaning checklists click here!

2) After we have discussed your needs and created a cleaning list that matches them, we will email you an estimate that includes your cleaning checklist. Customers love this because they can review everything on their work order while they are on the phone with us, so if they want to make any changes, we can do it in real time!

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3) When you have reviewed the cleaning checklist and have picked your frequency, we will tell you what days we have available on the schedule and we will find a good fit for your home. 

4) The final step is to set up you billing account, we bill by credit or debit card and once it is on file you never have to think about it again! - This feature is a customer favorite!

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Thats it! Now your cleaning service is set up and you don't have to think about it again! Your weekends are free! After work you don't have to clean any toilets! Yay!!!

Click Here to if you are ready to get started!  and we will give you a call!