Clutter: EWW!! 4 steps to have a beautiful clean home!

Jul 06, 2016 By Jefferson Housekeeping 0 Comments
Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful home. It makes your space seem smaller and it makes you feel disorganized. I always recommend that new customers declutter before a cleaning. Everyone loves a checklist so here is one with 4 Steps to a clean clutter free home!

1) ____ Evaluate. So you have decided to declutter and clean (yay). Now it is time to decide what stays and what goes. 
Unused refrigerator in the basement? Goes!
Boxes of old broken plastic toys? Goes!
Your favorite book signed by the author? Stays!     

*One tip to make sure you dont feel overwhelmed is to put one medium box in each room and fill it with clutter, then move on to the next room. It only takes about 10 min per room and it is easy to repeat every few weeks

2) _____ Clear it out! I like to support hardworking local businesses so I recommend College Hunks Hauling Junk (434) 381-3209. Lawrence is a great guy and he will happily get rid of anything for you from an old refrigerator or sofa, to a few boxes that you want to have donated.

3) _____ Deep clean! We use professional backpack vacuums with HEPA filters that capture all the dust that was created when you decluttered your home :)
We also have a great cleaning checklist we follow. I would be happy to share it with you as well as set up a time for us to clean your newly decluttered home! Call me at (434)989-0481 or click here and I will set up your cleaning!

4) _____ Make it a habit. Add a declutter day to your calendar each month to keep up with life. A monthly, biweekly, or weekly cleaning package is perfect for keeping your home in beautiful shape.
For more information about one of these services give me a call (434) 989 0481. We can discuss your needs and create a program that works perfectly for you and your family.

My name is Laurence Mann. I'm the franchise owner of College Hunks Hauling and Moving here in Charlottesville. We are a full service junk removal and local moving company. Our goal is to provide you with stress free service. Whether you are spring cleaning, need to recoup your rental deposit, moving, or just simplifying your life, we are glad to help. We are glad to take your donations to the center of your choice. Call (434) 381-3209. to schedule an appointment or estimate.