Charlottesville! Don't lose your renter's deposit!

Jun 02, 2014 By Nathan 0 Comments

Have you ever lost your deposit when renting? It is the worst! Here are 6 ways to make sure this never happens to you:

  1. Inspect your home before you move in. When my wife and I rented our first apartment our landlord gave us a form to make notes about any problems we noticed with the apartment. We took an hour or so and walked around the apartment and noted everything that was wrong: marks in the carpet, broken blinds, marks on the walls- everything. When we were in the last room my wife had a great idea- just use our cell phone! So we started over and took a video of the apartment complete with me pointing out the problems. It was so much easier and faster. When we were finished I emailed the video to my self and when our lease was up it was very easy to show the before and after condition of the apartment. (Our landlord was great but better safe than sorry!)

  2. Read your lease carefully. Take some time and look over your lease before you sign! some leases state that you must have your carpets professionally cleaned before you move, some leases say that half of your deposit is a nonrefundable “cleaning fee”. Some specify certain unusual areas that must be cleaned (under/behind the refrigerator) If you hire a cleaning company to come in after you leave make sure you check the lease when you are discussing what they are to clean. We provide a free, in-home consultation when we will take the time to look over your lease with you to see what your landlord or property manager requires. This way we can make a customized work order for you and ensure everything is perfect.

  3. Care for your apartment while you are living in it. This may seem obvious but it is much easier to get your deposit back, and your move is so much less stressful, when your home has been well maintained. moving always causes a mess but the whole process is much easier if there is not six months worth of dirt built up in the house before you move. We offer several cleaning packages to help you maintain your home with out loosing all your free time!

  4. After you empty the apartment give it a deep move out clean. When your apartment is empty give it a through deep clean. Hiring a cleaning service like us is a great way to make sure everything is ship shape.Click here to see how we can help! Even if you decide to clean your self you want to make sure you don't miss anything. Here is a link to our move out cleaning checklist so you can see what we do.

  5. Ask your landlord or property manager to walk through the apartment with you. Before your move out date ask your property manager or landlord to walk through your apartment or home with you so that you can both review the condition of the apartment when you leave. If there are any questions about damages this is a great time to review the video you made when you moved in. Your landlord may also give you helpful feedback about things you can fix or clean more thoroughly. In the end you both have the same goal, to leave the apartment in good condition for the next tenant.

  6. Have your landlord or property manager sign off on the condition of your apartment. When you have reviewed your rental with your property manager or landlord it is entirely appropriate to ask them to sign off on a paper stating that the apartment meets all the requirements of your lease. Just ask them to sign and date the paper and then keep it for your records.