9 Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service When You Move.

May 09, 2014 By Nathan 0 Comments
Moving is a pain. All of the packing, the logistics, and the loose ends that need to be tied up. On top of everything else, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning. I get it. Really.  So when a customer calls me and says that they are moving, totally overwhelmed, and just need their home cleaned, it really makes my day to be able to help!

Here are my 9 top tips for hiring a house cleaner when you move:

  1.  Look for a reputable company. Ok this may seem basic, but it is really tough when you have to chase some fly-by-night cleaner just to do the work you paid for. Make sure the company you hire is insured and bonded. 
  2. Plan ahead. When it comes to moving cleanings many people wait until the last minute. If you call a reputable cleaning company on the 25th and you need to have your home cleaned by the end of the month the chances are greater that they will already be booked. Calling at the beginning of the month makes it easier to hire a reputable company. 
  3. Have the cleaning company come when the home is empty. This will save you money, and allow the cleaners to leave the home in perfect condition for the next person.
  4. Find a company that accepts credit cards. If you are renting, then you can just pay off the balance with part of your deposit when you get it back. Plus you can build some airline miles for the vacation you will need after your move!
  5. Check your lease. Most leases will specifically state in what condition you must leave your home. You don't want to lose part of your deposit because you didn't clean the ceiling fans or refrigerator!
  6. Watch the extras! Some companies include cleaning inside the refrigerator and oven, some do not. Either way is fine but if they don't tell you, be sure to ask! Here is an example of our check list, which is always customizable if your lease has sneaky extras! 
  7. Look for value not price. This does not mean that you need to break the bank, but a reputable company will come when they say and leave you with a clean home. This is so much better than saving a few $$ and spending a day or two chasing a cheap company to try to get them to clean and when they do finally arrive they leave with the job unfinished. If you want a price now check out this recent post: Maid Service in Charlottesville: How much does it cost? 
  8. Ask for a detailed estimate. When you receive a detailed estimate you know what you will get. You don't want to be surprised with someone saying "Oh I didn't know you wanted me to do that! To view an estimate customized to your needs click here!
  9. Find a company that 100% guarantees their work. Everyone makes mistakes. But you shouldn't pay for your housekeeper's mistake! Blue Hat Cleaning leaves you with a 100% guarantee- if your landlord is unhappy with something we cleaned we will be happy to return and correct our oversight.
If you would like to see our standard moving work order click here! Then give me a call at (434) 989-0481 to schedule your cleaning